Tattoos in Mayberry

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Bending down on one knee
crying for mercy, Judge, clemency
as I'm copping a plea
Only you,
Melissa Melou
When I've gone through a hell
of which I can't speak
You redeem and annoint me up cripple creek.
Yes, you do.
Melissa Melou

You shelter me when I stutter and stumble
Your pillow talk speak
is my snore, wheeze, and grumble.
Whispering softly how much that you care.
I can't explain why,
but you've always been there.
An unbreakable bond between me  and you.
Melissa Melou
I'd shout from the mountaintops
Proud preach from the rafters
to anyone there.
If you died or you left me
I'd be in despair.
Your love's a king's ransom
a limitless pleasure
Truth,  faith and devotion
a love beyond measure.
What can I do
But feel grateful
I had the luck of the irish finding you..
My darling
Melissa Melou
You rattle the bars
and sneer at the guards
cheering me on
when my jail house key
has been swallowed and gone
There's no skip in you
What else can be said
Not much more can I do
But rejoice in my good fortune
finding a treasure like you
Melissa Melissa

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