The Greatest Hero – Mine and Yours

Through the divine portal via an earth woman’s womb
The divine Champion shone forth, ending the Earth ‘s spiritual dearth.
His Father having prepared Him an earth suit
Raised Him in His garden to produce human fruit.

The deep state enemy arrayed against all human lives
Scoured the land with evil spies.
Their narratives composed of many lies.

The heavenly Hero only spoke His Father’s truth.
Despite sabotages conspired by religious sleuths
He faced down the invisible spirit spooks.
He cast their invading dark spirits out of many bodies, freeing the captives
Then saving them to be His soldiers active.
Cleansed His Father’s Temple of pollution
With a righteous indignant solution.

The most righteous, holy Hero the world had ever seen.
The enemy and his dark forces conspired to kill the Hero,
Thinking this would win them a victor’s emblem.
However, their evil mass became an axe to their roots,
felling them like an elm, kicked out of power by the Hero’s boots.

From the cross the Hero emerged at the helm.
He led a supernatural triumph, the dark forces behind like dirty phlegm
He paraded them before the spiritual realm.

The Hero after fulfilling all, holy and righteous, standing tall
The whole universe of his victory enthralled.
The worldly denizens appalled
That He had completed His Father’s all
The one sacrifice, the eternal standing wall.
The blood barrier that ended mankind’s fall.

The Hero returned on the clouds to His home
Far above the wide blue sea dome.
Installed by His Father, as the one High Priest alone
The Hero is both Lion and Lamb, God and man, on His Throne.
There He intercedes for us all, with His blood having saved us from the fall.
May the holy zeal of the Lord Jesus
Fill us all and with boldness seize us!