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Do You Ever?

Do you ever look up at the night sky and wonder why?
Have you questioned the stars on why they continue to shine?
Does falling rain touch your face and inspire you to cry?
Effortlessly hiding your tears, just as they hide mine...
Soaking wet with sadness, drenched in my own sorrow,
feeling like this, does there even need to be a tomorrow?
I question why the night turns into the day,
of course, there is no response; silent the night chooses to stay.
The moon beams brightly, indicating light beyond the dark,
but the contrast is real, and the reality is stark.
There is no tomorrow where I wake and find happiness,
instead, I wake each morning in a nightmare that I live.
Having to live out the remainder of my days knowing I lost her,
now makes me hope that time is much, much closer.
Many times throughout the day, I fight off the tears,
hiding it the best I can from anyone that is near.
Others say they do, but do they really understand the extent of my pain?
Some who know give advice, but most of it is the same...
Don't get me wrong, it is still very much appreciated,
but as I get older, it's effectiveness can be debated.
When I was young, I believed she was still out there,
now, I believe she was the one...and that I have lost her.
I'm sure it will get better, but will I ever be truly happy?
Confined to the darkness while life continues around me.
A darkness that comes from within me, but yet, I sit inside,
stuck in between agony and love, cutting myself on the divide.
Do you ever sit in the dark, contemplating your own fate?
Does anyone know what I mean, can anyone else relate?

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Do You Ever?