Pigs run Wild in the Land of the Free

In the land of the free almost daily you will see Muslims, Blacks, Reds and Browns taken down.

In occupied communities they are
brutalized by rabid beast disguised as police.

Taken down to the ground like cattle and saddled, saddled by vicious Pigs suited up like warriors for battle,

Costumed and in character, pigs with Glocks or 9mm Sigs,
splitting P-Rican and Black wigs,

For the human and civil rights of the people they don't give a heck, these cowards costumed pretending to serve and protect.

Governmental gangster assasins in blue, sanctioned assasins with no respect for the rights or lives of you.

Fascist storm troopers against "We the People" they fight. They don't recognize you as having any " Bill of Rights."

Costumed Pigs ranked, promoted and paid based on the number the corpses that they have made, laid...

Layed out to rot upon urban streets and rural roads, knees on necks and choke holds by the boat load,

On dry land but can't breathe,the pigs are drowning me on dry land,

And I can't breathe, I can't breathe you're killing me, I can't breathe,
Government sanctioned strangulations,you're killing me,

The new millennium modality for
stretching necks without a tree.

The Swine Force is protected by
the doctrine of Qualified Immunity.

Strange fruit plucked by
cowardly costumed Baboons militarize and suited up in Battle gear spreading state sponsored fear
with 9mm Glocks and Sigs,
In the "Land of The Free."

Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

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Pigs run Wild in the Land of the Free