Tattoos in Mayberry

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I've heard so often how i could care less
But, what, for example,
should one care less about.
Do  you  not care if you sputter and stall,
frozen, and defiant in a parking space
while inconveniencing four house wives
driving around hunting for a place to park...
Should I care less about the extra minutes they
have to circle the parking lot while contemplating why
dressing up to promenade at the grocery store
is the highlight of their day.
Throwing darts of condemnation
at me with their eyes 
in their tragic position. 
Is it my problem.
Am I being fair to express how 
I couldn't care less.
about them circling around and around
like un nested birds
To buy meat, bottled water, wine, fruit, candy, pastry
canned fish, or salads, in an easy open tub
I am restricting the flow of commerce
and I couldn't care less.
I reveal little but my 
best indifferent face at my post office.
I rent a P.O. Box there
I try not to stare at anyone
But, if it happens and even if they look back and glare,
I couldn't care less...
I was kicked out  of our public library for a total of 6 months 
 My crime is 
I talk with my hands,
and tryed to win an argument with a fool.
I could be sad about
how libraries are supposed to be wellspring of diversity
diverse viewpoints
An open and fertile oasis of, diverse cultural vantage points...
and yet they kicked me out for saying
My slave name is Garry.
I was called a racist....
and since that's one person's myopic opinion,
I couldn't care less.
It's one side of a story.
My own
and if you don't believe me, can't understand my positions
or think I am arrogant or rude
Again, I couldn't care less..
If you see me out playing
you know I am at work.
My play is my work.
Some folks work 5 days a week to have two days off to hurry up and play.
I play five days a week and work it on the weekend.
At this point in my life I want everything custom tailored to fit me. 
High expectations for someone who could care less.
Especially heart wrenching is..
When my Yin spots my yang on television or You Tube..
Telling the minions  of how their great work 
was written on a piece of scratch paper,
in ten minutes while going to work on the city bus.
I am still working on trying to care less
as I sing to lost children
just out of ear shot from the
main circus tent...

Buddy Bee Anthony
All rights reserved as is by this author

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