Tattoos in Mayberry

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I've heard it said too often how 'I couldn't care less'
But, what, exactly,
shouldn't  I care less about.
Shouldn't I care when I'm
stalled,, frozen, in  a parking space
 inconveniencing multiple house wives
driving around hunting for a spot to park...
Shouldn't I care about the extra minutes they
have to circle the parking lot while ruminating on how
dressing up to promenade at the grocery store
is the highlight of their day.
Should I care less
when they throw darts of condemnation
at me
thwarting their best efforts to
cart home their meat, bottled water, wine, fruit, candy, pastry
canned fish .
I am restricting the flow of commerce
should I care more about that?.
Should I meet and greet everyone at the post office
instead of putting on my flat affect face. An indifferent face
A heat seeking missile face en route to my P,O, Box
I try not to stare at anyone but notice everything.
If it should happen they glare at me
or aggress on me
for making zero effort for social engagement ,
Is their something wrong with me for saying, I couldn't care less?....
Havin been suspended from our public library for a total of 6 months \
for speaking out..
 refuting a caucasian librarians bold statement that I was a racist.
for  referring to my birth name as my slave name. That's their opinion 
And I couldn't care less.,
Ironicly, libraries are supposed to be beacons of  free thoughts and ideas.....
I have processed the hypocricy of my punishment and now
I couldn't care less...
If you see me out playing music
you know I am at work.
My play is my work.
Some folks work 5 days a week to have two days to make effort at play.
For me, the opposite is true.... 
This puts me in the entertainment class. As opposed to 
the working class. Or the middle or business class.
But, when  my Yin spots my Yang on television or You Tube..
Telling their  fan followers how their best work 
was written on a piece of scratch paper,
in ten minutes while going to work on a city bus.
I care more than I'd like to admit
being some distance from the spotlight under the main tent,
As I bust my nut,
diligently working to get a few folks passing by,
to listen
to my music
, I am trying my best  to care less
about that..

Buddy Bee Anthony
All rights reserved as is by this author

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