Deep to Deep blue sea

Blue seas deep, blue seas deep
What cosmic mysteries you keep!
Above and below me you sweep
As I sail in a sea of air.
Where is my delicious honey, where are you dear?
On your right, she says with flair
Just parasailing above earthís lair.

I ask, do you know the sea was parted in two?
By whom, she asks?
Part placed above us and part below us?
By whom, my delicious honey replies?
I say, we live and play between the two seas.
Some live on their feet, some on their knees.
Do you mean a garden, somewhat like Eden?
I say, from our large air bubble
We look outside like hubble.
Who blew it, she asks, the bubble, as I scratch my stubble?
The same Creator, who remodeled Earth from the war rubble.

Blue seas deep, blue seas deep
What secrets you slowly steep?
Do you think fish swim up there?
I say, maybe that is why fish clouds appear.
Do you think dolphins and whales journey up there?
I say, there are doors that only ocean dwellers know.
Maybe they ride the waterspouts to cloud city.
Perhaps big white clouds blow from whale spouts loud.
If I could only visit, pity!
I often see cloud city on sunlit flights
Timeless, soundless seems cloud city.
I look with all my might, to see its citizens alight
They all evade my 1% sight.
I am too heavy, too heavy, to visit right?
As wheels touch ground, I am earth bound.
So many clocks, they dull the hounds.

Blue seas deep, blue seas deep
Tell me, how do you make the leap?
Is it from deep to deep!
Beyond all mortal reach, to stand on the supernatural beach.

CI-307493457 Knight Truelove Poems