Tattoos in Mayberry

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You asked, what are we supposed to do with it?
I'll paint us an indelible blue sky
Flying up high like
two gypsy birds
sampling every new thrill
sharing our secrets and popping
love pills
fightin' our best fight
arriving not early
but fashionably late
doing it up right

Flying off in the haze
to destination anywhere
keepin ours zippered tight,
Woken up and alive.
Me and you
making two
living our life
as two gypsy birds.
When we  make  a landing
you'll know we've arrived
working the small game large
is how we'll survive
Swingin' and slingin' it
tucked away safe in our hive
with the gypsy girl
Our time whispered,
it grumbled 
it shrieked
and it roared

Portage by rivers
dream with the tide
When we're bored
We'll hitch us a ride
me and the gypsy girl.
She's a little hot and sour,
she's salty mixed with sweet.
She'll  put your back and front side in motion 
with her body heat..
no matter what's crackin'.
The gypsy girl has the drop on you
and you best believe
she's packin..
She's your .
main line source connection
She ran for office and won the election.
She's got one in her hand
and two more in the bush
We'll cash in our chips
after the good fight.
and be gone
just two blips
in the night
as two gypsy birds.

All rights reserved' as is' by this authors

Buddy Bee Anthony

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