Covid Doe smarter than you and me

I say, oh that we could book a flight away from May.
Fly away from Covid Doe’s sway.
He keeps mixing gray in our bright tropical sky
Beautiful strokes in sunset golds, oranges, and reds, with sunrise pinks
He keeps painting in gray chemtrail stink.
I say, oh that I could drop Covid Doe in chains and link, link, links.

For lunch I visited a nice spot on the coast
Fancying a tasty lamb rack or roast
Blast it, Covid Doe at the door. Hear him boast!
Comply now or your lunch you will not munch.
But, of this fear monger, I had already had a hunch.
Look! No one breathing in the fresh sea breeze.
How could they all be in a psychological deep freeze?
Wow! They do not even dare to sneeze.

How intelligent is this Covid Doe!
Brighter than government Joe.
Faster than medical slow.
Can he defeat street smart flow?

If I stand or walk in the restaurant, a mask my face will require.
If I sit, talk and eat at my table, no mask my face will acquire.
What kind of a creature has such stupendous nomenclature?
It will only attack if in the restaurant I stand and I am moving.
It will stand down if in the restaurant I sit and I am talking and eating.
People just across the table from me
Do they think they are free?
Some big colorful drinks giving them glee
They enjoy a lively afternoon spree.
I wonder, Is Covid Doe feeling merry?
Who changed Covid Doe’s genes,
to achieve gain of function means?
Was he crisper in a Faustian whisper?
With designer locus, hocus and some more dark pocus?

The path to overcome is non-compliance. Be not low key!
This dead thing, off its leash, comes to kill you and me.
We must fight for our freedom and defend liberty!
We must win the battle on the stormy air waves seas!
What will it be?
Do you still want to be free!

CI-465318555 Knight Truelove Poems