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Chacos Woman (the Song)

She's living in the canyon, amidst the kiva stone.
Spirits watching wondering, who has let their home.
She sits there in the morning , gazing at the sun.
Chacos woman's home again, never more to run.

Gentle fingers probe the stone looking for a trace,
of the people come and gone, searching for the race.
Chacos woman calls to them, the spirits hear her thoughts.
Through her eyes they see the changes tears of time have brought.

Hand in hand to Santa Fe then back home we lose our way.
all across the Indian lands , Chacos woman and me; Chacos woman and me.

Will the walls of stone be built where children once saw life?
Where spirits roam amidst the stone bear witness to the strife.
The time was dear, the feeling's sweet for two who walked as one.
Chacos woman's home at last, never more to run.

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Chacos Woman (the Song)

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