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The USA is a peace-loving country.
There have not been any wars on the
Land of USA except for civil war and war
Between native American Indians and
The settlers from other countries.

World Wars have destroyed many
Countries due to war on their soil.
USA did not want to take part but
Pearl Harbour attack forced her to
Actively fight in the World War 2.

The USA is the only country that has
Used the Atom Bombs and destroyed 2
Japanese cities that made Japan to
Surrender and World War 2 ended.

Destructive power of Atom Bomb
Made it obvious that other nations
Will develop the Atomic Bombs too.
Now many nations have Atom Bombs.

Peace is a strange word because
You have to fight to achieve peace
And to be strong to win the fight.

Strong USA won and brought peace
A lion can try to be peaceful and
Not kill but a lamb has no choice
But to get killed if the lion wishes.
To become a lion and not a lamb
The USA needs Atom Bombs to win.
Law of Jungle prevails and now USA
Has to make sure that the lambs
Do not get Atom Bombs and be lions
And be careful of other lions to
Avoid destruction by Atom Bombs
In an Atomic War by preaching the
The message of peace and loving peace.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
19th November, 2017.

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