The Builder’s Code

It was sometime after Mr. Week’s speak in greek,
that I remembered his accent eccentric, somewhat geometric, about the leak.
I was at the time reflecting on a piece by poet Halflife, where he looked behind the Build.
We had us a glimpse, in the supernatural builder’s invisible guild.

Then a red pill peek, at the work of the classical Greeks,
how they used geometry in their odyssey to seek
under the visible natural build, they searched for nature’s building blocks.
Through a billion and one atoms, more math programs than we can fathom.
After this perform, they found five foundation forms
from which all nature builds, fractals in the code uniform.
Shapes with multiple faces same, on which nature replicates its imagery.
Everything meeting in natures coded symmetry: the invisible scaffolding behind the visible creation, the dark matter and the ether, natures foundation replicating on:
the tetrahedron, cube and octahedron, also the dodecahedron and icosahedron.

Every tree, rock, snowflake and make, built to its own information code
From atomic size it replicates to tree, branch, twig, and data field load.
Forming the most efficient shape for their ordained purpose.
The chosen forms maximize and retain warmth and light.
The sunlight bees build in perfect hexagons,
the most efficient from their honeycomb lexicon.
The birds build nests that nature tailors to them.
Each downloading from nature’s information field, bordering with a mathematical hem.

The invisible scaffolding behind the humanly unseen visible, as we see in only 1% light, missing what it all hangs on in the builders full bright.
How can 1% be real compared to the 99% invisible build?
The 1% sight perception, coding, decoding, and interpreting from the information field of vast unending consciousness.
Maybe we see a sliver of the eternal toenail and think it is the whole main sail on the cosmic sea, instead of a set in a subset permutation in a curl in a leaf in the vast unending expanse of the eternal information field of awareness.

Out of human sight, at atomic size, the build replicates, forms the most efficient shape, to maximize and retain warmth and light coefficient.
Fractals in the build and natural variability differentiate sufficient.
Circles and spheres being the most energy fit forms.
Just look at the Sun, Moon, UFOs, planets, bubbles, and grapes.
All built to nature’s underlying information code.
They operate to purpose in optimum mode.
All vibrating in natures blueprint nodes.
Even our human energy body, the visible base form,
as it blinks in and out of the visible field norm,
much faster than the eye can brainstorm
then returning to the visible base conform.

Our five senses human perception focusing in 1% light
Our body the antenna of reception, interpreting only in permutations.
Where do we go when our energy body blinks out of station?
How much of the day do we leave temporal hibernation?
Our body moves too fast to cause consternation.
We energize across the destinations.
In photon light, direct flight without deviation,
through this spiritual and experiential exaltation.

The whole cosmos shows nature’s math and code.
The build taps the rich underlying natural lode.
From atoms to the mountains gold
The Creator’s building code is bold.
It builds and replicates, by man untold.
This creation program runs from of old.
Nature’s code is the Creator’s trademark mold.

CI-443592445 Knight Truelove Poems