Sometimes itís gravity and sometimes itís the lack of
Itís the energy
Itís the melody that only floods our ears
Itís the refuge that sometimes keeps us safe
But sometimes exposes that which hinders our progression
Not only meant to shield but also be a safe place
One that doesnít allow masks
Itís the flow of electricity that starts in my left
Brightens the depths of my hidden truths
Exposes them to you
But warms the depths of your true face and hearts desires
Connecting pieces of us to a land we had forgotten how to journey to
And shoots like a flair calling for only our kinda help
And drawing us like a moth to the flame that lights our way
She muse
The epitome of my home.
She is everything that reminds me of my former life of royalty
She is treasure
Not one that you can hold in your hand
She is the most intangible treasure that cannot be owned
A treasure like hers has to be given freely and continually earned
The cost of this is mere dirt when you feel, taste, see, hear, and smell the essence of this woman
Her a part of my being.
Thank you Clarity.

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