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Belated Father's Day

When I was a young child, I never knew
The sacrifices you made, the things you went through.
One thing I did know, and was never in doubt;
No matter the problem, you could make it work out.

As a teen I was impressed by your bravery and truth;
Your keen insight on matters which puzzled my youth.
I knew I could always bring my questions to you;
You would calmly listen, then give me your view.

As a young adult, I was reclusive and withdrawn;
Engrossed in my own thoughts, ignoring my lawn.
You mowed my grass as well as the flowers;
Often waking me in the early morning hours.

Caring how my neighbors thought of me;
I was oblivious, did not care and did not see.
You were proud of the man I had become,
Even though you claimed I was "jugheaded and dumb."

Though scarce a mile separated our homes,
I seldom bothered to visit, or even phone.
You would always tell me how to live my life,
While I glared back at you, gaze sharp as a knife.

Now I understand much more, your rough and rugged way
Of showing me you loved me, though seldom did you say.
So many words I long to say, even a hug alone would do;
To let you know how very proud I always was of you.

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Belated Father`s Day