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During this Covid 19 pandemic there
Are some who just ignore the rules,
Regarding the masses that do as
Hoodwinked  credulous fools.
We are all going to die,
That's an accepted  fact,
I hope not to die painfully from
Some other's inconsiderate act.
Many have been working
Almost risking body and soul
To try to bring this virus
Safely under control.

If some don't obey the rules
I suppose that's just fine,
Not every body feels able
To toe the party line,
But, if they  refuse the vaccine
Can you please just tell me why
They shouldn't be left untreated,
To take their chance to live or die.
For years we've fought for the right
To  express the dissenting voice
Now lets give them the right
To abide by their own choice.

Some may  win
Some may lose
It all depends on
What they choose.
Modern life has become
Such a one sided game
Never their own fault,
Another's always to blame.
As a child I was taught to take
Responsibility for my words and deeds.
A touch of such a way of thinking
Is perhaps what this situation needs.

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