Build and Battle Phalanx

Congratulations, now that you made the good confession,
thereby activating your supernatural military mission.
Mission briefing is now in session: for training in legal retrocession.
Believer, you just chose the right side in a war that spans the Cosmos here and far.
Your assigned duty is battle and build, battle and build and win this war.
This war was waging before your grandparents or any parents were born.
You are not just here, on Earth, to adorn.
Our King is coming for all His regenerated reborn.

Invisible enemies without bodies have studied your every move from birth.
Your files profiled are bereft of mirth and sizeable in girth.
Disembodied spirits of giants whose physical bodies millennially dead,
they roam about here looking to steal your bread and to kill you and yours dead.
They envy and want your human body to repeat their sinful inhuman folly.

A civilian no more in this war, of that your enemies are sure.
So daily put on your full spiritual armor.
This is not a battle for glamour.
Submit to your Commander in Chief, the Lord of Host.
Resist the devil your mortal enemy, an evil pretending frenemy.
Stand in close ranks shoulder to shoulder with your fellow believers.
The armor covers not your back so to protect each other be zealously eager.

The enemy will attack you even in your own household.
Remember that spiritually you are a flame of fire, behold!!
Be on your guard against friendly fire, also collateral damage,
honey traps, lies, woke mentality, gender bending language and deceptions.
Let none of the enemyís 1984 tactics escape your spiritual perception.
Be humble and willing to accept correction,
thereby showing yourself to be sons under protection.

Stand your ground firm in the faith against all shock and awe, terror and peril.
Your commission is to hold territory and be on the offensive advancing as a spiritual army:
battle and build, battle and build!!
Your commission is to build and battle and the enemy you must rattle.
Be on the offensive. Do not allow your face to be fazed.
Be an army on the offensive not the defensive or your wins erase.
Lay siege to the enemyís kingdom between Earth and Heavenís gaze
and, from roofs, to walls to foundations you must raze.
Be on the offensive, overcome all your spiritual foes.
Battle and Build!! Battle and build!! Overcome every mental throe.
Remember 1st class soldier, the enemyís gates cannot against us prevail.
Give no sin to the enemy wholesale nor retail.

Personally, you must take up your personal cross, in spite of all.
Deny your carnal ambitions, so that you may walk His eternal call.
Overcome to the end of your leg of the race.
Fulfill all to completion through His Spirit and grace.
For those who overcome the enemyís evil all,
they will be standing tall as the Trumpet sound falls,
as our full victory abounds and with triumph resounds.
So as the world gets darker and difficult testing times set in,
remember in Whom you are believing and following and hoping.
So that you will be a bright light in the dark and not blind and groping.

Our King is coming and with Him ten thousand times ten thousand
See the beautiful City coming down from Heaven
with jeweled gates one and eleven.
See a new Earth and Heaven even.
For those who overcome all earthly troubles, trials, and temptations,
holding on and their faith keeping, for full redemption,
they will rejoice refreshed, like in the cool of the evenings,
walking in Eden, in the Kingdom.
Free and clear of the evils of the imprisoned dragon and perished Edom.
Abundant life, fullness of joy and our Lord is the Light and might of the Kingdom.

CI-352210408 Knight Truelove Poems