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How ironic you would leave
On Father's Day 
Never giving Us one last time 
You quietly slipped away

Daddy, you were so frail 
As you wither in bed 
Old age and poor health 
Nothing more could be said 

I can still see you 
With pen and paper in hand 
And hear the Music of violin 
Echoes of far away lands 

Not a simple twist of fate 
A Divine Intervention 
That your Soul would be taken 
On a day of intention   

Father's Day is now
Not just a day for the living 
A Celebration of your Life 
The importance of forgiving 

It's not ironic you left 
On this day of intention 
The imprint of Love  
Will forever be mentioned 

Dedicated to my Dad who left his Body on Father's Day June 20.2010

6/26/2010  preciouspoetess (All Rights Reserved)