Global Shadow

In rank they come on the advance
United by their elitesí dance
Dimensional moves in the deep
A hidden state toe step creep.

Dark media the censored choice,
Their handlers reigning free voice.
More and more their minionsí rage
Nationalism to be unpaged
By social censors in battle engaged.
Meanwhile the patriotic populace
Orbited to info war space.
Awoke to the dark state, picked up on their craze.
Venezuela to Ukraine, one heard the narrative reign.
Regime change the constant mange,
Will bring demographic votes in range!

In 2016 ensued, a stormy political brew
The patriots their trumpet blew.
The trumpet in multiple blasts
Shred the liberal mast.
Thereby unsettling the shadow cast.

In 2017 ensued, mad media frenzy
Narratives be their main currency
Alternative media countering the on-air insurgency.

In 2018 ensued, the big tech wake
Censorship the hidden brake
That tried to dry up freedomís lake.
The conscious nationalists, the constitutional score their hope
Their voices now wrote in the trumpetís notes
Speaking a national saving melody, out of many one nation made
Economy and jobs surpassed the grade.
At the helm of the global tower
The trumpet blew with ideological power
Discarding globalism, condemned that schism.

Deep in the dark the enemy repeatedly struck
Their swamp gargled muck.
By the ear, came the airborne attack,
Again and again, they were foiled by tact.
Some warriors fell and were lost
Slander and defame the choicest most
Defending liberty bears a cost
By Godís grace the leadersí post
Now was made strong for its host.

November 2018 sails the state
A lot at stake on the political plate,
Gains to be defended
Bad laws to be amended
And evil must be upended.

On the campaign trail a rising tide
A red tide that will not subside.
The people now awake, many walk away.
They stake their future in this political fray.
No more plantation slave they say.
This be the peoples power day.

But the state deep and grey, determined to have political dominion.
On all fronts marshaled sway and marched its booted minions.
They peeled and peeled the electoral conscience like so many onions.
Many felt the weight and pain of mental bunions, as many misdeeds were revealed in the hands of some trusted companions.
Every day now, more and more awake from the matrix of deception and begin to see the truth from its inception.
No longer blinded by media perceptions, they reset their conscious reception.
Truth and light now their liberty and, fighting through to victory their conviction.
Not one earth patriot nor digital warrior considers dereliction.
Their united will and purpose joined, in the goal of the enemyís eviction.
Even the globalist attack on regular diction is now seen as leftist fiction.
Patriots and digital warriors daily gaining traction through strategic actions.
Forward the consciousness of the people march, against this spiritual enemy arch.
On to victory the people, the tip of the spear legally, economically, socially, militarily, spiritually on the advance, until we hold high aloft triumphís lance.
Then again,to lovingly embrace liberty and freedom in mutual full romance.

CI-378227847 Knight Truelove Poems