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Oh Tender Heart...

Oh tender heart, when will I again be all right?
Please tell me how long before I can again sleep through the night?
When will I again be able to watch movies and TV?
When will my eyes no longer well up from every loving couple I see?
How long before I can watch a sun setting in the sky,
without having to compete with tears streaming from my eyes?
When will I again be able to sing freely,
without having every other song emotionally impact me?
Why can I not come to terms with the love that I have lost?
When will my heart thaw from this dark permafrost?
Please tell me how long I will have to endure this pain,
how much longer will I be moved to tears while watching it rain?
Tell me you can numb the feeling and make it go away,
I was not prepared when it happened, and I still cannot handle it today.
I feel my world closing in, and your beat echoes ever louder,
oh tender heart, I am just not the same person without her.
If you have the remedy, I will make the time,
please share it with me and reassure me that I will be fine.
Currently, my heart is broken, and I have no ability to repair,
just to have it broken all over again, how is that fair?
It isn't, and I may never let it happen again,
guarding my heart with armor behind a wall, not letting anyone else in.
To believe that someone will come along and love me like I deserve,
is purely a fallacy, a fantasy of improbable words.
Life is tough, and love can indirectly kill,
when you tender heart gives up, and has no more love to feel.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Oh Tender Heart...