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More than a thousand miles away, it is easy to say that you care,
dispensing those feel-good words, to let them linger in the air.
These words I grasp at desperately, as if they were oxygen,
feeling like without them...I may never breathe again.
Unquestionable as they flow gently over your soft pink lips,
words that pass through my heart, words that are as warm as your kiss.
I hang on to each one, believing that we will always be there for each other,
hoping these are not just the cliché sayings of a former lover.
However, I know better...and with time, you will slowly fade away,
subtly removing yourself from my life, with no real intent to stay.
No longer can I refer to you as my world, my love, or even my best friend,
we barely talk anymore, and without extra effort, texts are generic and bland.
I was always so excited to see your messages arrive,
an immense feeling of joy and anticipation building inside.
My mind runs wild with thoughts of what the message might say,
maybe that you miss me, ask for a quick call, something to brighten my day.
Don't get me wrong, I have always cherished every moment that we spend,
but only; 'Hey. Hope your doing well.'...that's it? The End?
Then not even that...leading with Hi, it's barely even a worthy greeting...
it's not like we're strangers, and this is the first time we are meeting.
As the messages grew more basic, and then seemed to lose all feeling,
I started to understand more about the changes I was seeing.
Each cold distant message received, a red hot dagger to my heart,
I remain playful in our exchanges, as the razor edge shreds it apart.
Beat by beat, my hope and desire are replaced with regret and sadness,
all the 'what if's...' in my mind, enough to stir up virulent madness.
Questions I ask, but don't really want to know the answer,
uncontrollably eating away at me like the most toxic of cancer.
So as your kindness and affection have diminished to almost none,
I've regressed back into the darkness, those good feelings are gone.
The hope I kept for you in my heart was my guiding light,
every time I received a call or message, it grew hot and bright.
I was always so loving, so affectionate and concerned,
I gave all the love I could, and still ended up getting burned.
Anytime you were sad, or sick I was always right there,
ready to do anything I could, just to make you feel better.
I was loyal and in love, giving every ounce of my affection,
doing all I could to make our love, a story of perfection.
In the end, it is still an exceptional tale of love,
there is adventure and excitement, despite everything written above.
No, I only started to wallow in the darkness after she walked away,
and she did it so easily, without any desire at all to stay.
Never have I ever felt so sick and queasy,
as the day she walked away...and made it look so easy.

Original Work by: Shawn A.



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Actions Devolved