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Heart vs. Brain

If I were a country, there would be civil unrest,
an internal war being fought, between the right and the left.
One side is my heart, the other side is my brain,
both have different ideas, neither interpret events the same.
My heart based on pure emotion, pinned right to my sleeve,
my brain analyzes every situation, based on what it can see.
When I listen to my heart, it beats loudly with love,
an enticing rhythm that never failed to pump me up.
I would just think of you and my heart would flutter,
now when I think of you, I see you intimate with another.
For the past several weeks now, anytime that I close my eyes,
I see your lips kissing his, and his hand touching your thigh.
Locked in the loving embrace that used to be ours,
disturbing visions in my head that now haunt me for hours.
Clinically, sleep deprived, but 'Off' is not an option in my brain,
awake until my body shuts down, wake up and it's rinse, repeat...the same.
It's been a real struggle lately I tell her, but the specifics I omit,
'the past few weeks have really gotten to me'...is all that I will admit.
My heart tells me to forget it, surely it is not at all what it seems,
my brain says keep your head in the clouds, you'll only ever see dreams.
It is this constant back and forth that is tearing me apart,
under this recent unending turmoil between my brain and my heart.
My heart wants to believe so badly that anything is possible,
my brain tells me to let her go, that her coming back is highly improbable.
My heart believes that at some point, we are listening to the same song,
neither of us know it, but in a distant duet, we both sing along.
It is of this type of hopeless romanticism that I often fantasize,
believing that somehow we are connected, helping to keep my hope alive.
My brain tells me to keep dreaming, the romance is long dead,
nothing you do will change anything, nothing sweet is left to be said.
She doesn't possess the same feelings as she did once before,
meaning that those sweet gestures mean little...maybe nothing, anymore.
All of these efforts to remind her how sweet and funny you can be,
there do nothing for her, but they are killing you, since you can't see...
Putting all your effort into someone who decided to walk away,
causing you the worst pain of your life, immeasurable to this day.
Regardless of why she left, she choose to leave you behind,
when she looked at her life, you were disposable in her mind.
For whatever reason, whether for her, or because of him,
don't ever forget that feeling when she left, you may not survive it again.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Heart vs. Brain