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[this is part of a larger work (short story, book, screenplay?) still in progress, built loosely  upon Robert Browning's Pied Piper of Hamelin, while also based on true events and actual individuals that may or may not be named at some point]

"Another Piper"

Not piebald, a piper of a different sort,
Partakers tend to frequent cuff and court.
He seldom leads prefers to follow,
Decorates flesh while insides hollow.

And slowly lets his ways go shady,
And lowers bar on choice of lady.
Will blame the Mayor and Council Board,
As if actions be not of his own accord.
Why all’d be in his favor if only not
For that darned raw deal that he got!
Plus ‘cause of him and also her
For was them that made it all occur.
The unfairness! Those in cahoots!
Falling on deaf ears; points are moot.
Child throws tantrums, teens rebel,
Twenties, thirties, gone to Hell.
Not of Hamelin or setting exotic,
Just the state of confusion, the city psychotic.

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Another Piper

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