Growth:possible pt.2?

I learned a lot by messing up
I have people i talk to.
No one that I talk to like you.
I donít even put myself in those predicaments
I learned but a part of me feels like Iíve waited to late
But a part of me feels like with more time you will let me put a ring on your finger.
There is nothing I want more.
I mean that.
I donít lie to you.
I do omit some truths but itís not purposely.
Iíve still got to get used to telling you the whole story
You are still the most amazing being Iíve ever met
I still believe thereís no one better for you than me.
I still believe no one can love you the way I can.
Iím finding my way back to us.
I was so angry I forgot who I was honestly
I had grown cold, hard, impenetrable
I didnít know it until you said it
Like said it in that way that I had no choice but to listen to
I found my cuddly.
I found my color.
Iím still missing some but I think those were the ones we created.
Can we paint again?
Can we create our rhythm?
I want to.
I actually need to.
I feel like you might too but you donít trust me
And thatís ok.
Do we have time for me to change your mind?
I said she belongs to you and I wouldnít give her away againÖ
I know you heard meÖ..
I meant itÖ.
Did you hear me?
If I keep chasing you foreverÖ
Can we have one another?
Can you be mine?
Can I be yours again?
Can weÖ.

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Growth:possible pt.2?