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Tilting At Windmills

We need more Don Quixote's
In this world of today,
More Pancho Sanchez's to
Guide them on their way.
If we don't tilt at windmills
They'll  never ever fall
And, our hard won freedoms,
We'll gradually lose them all.
In this world of mass production,
This world of ever more grey,
This world of convention ,
Of just  you do as I say,
This world of black and white,
Where the grey men of the city
Show no attempt at
Any compassion or pity.
We need a Revolution
Don Quixote's to lead us all
And maybe, just maybe, we
Can make some windmills fall.
So, let's  all tilt at windmills,
For if we all truly believe,
Acting together who knows
Just what we can achieve.

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Tilting At Windmills