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The twinflame eyelock

I wonder sometimes what I did wrong
What I said to make you so weak or am I too strong?
I act like i am not needy, but who doesn't want love
Who doesn't want a companion, best friend or love?
I wear this mask
Each day working to erase the loneliness buried deep until I complete the task
I can't empty my flask
I sit with my purring cat watching romance on Netflix
Crying, eating junk is not a great fix
I'll have my run in the morning before work
Wiping off the bitter ashes of that model smirk
The one who can't stand the attention I get
No kiss up, just a genuine smile will definitely get me set
Then I go for my break and you watch me totally locked up onto me
Staring deeply into my eyes did you dare to see so deep inside of me
This is my soul my deepest secrets are buried within me
Although your beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes didn't seem to mind
I could just unwind
I was thinking I really want to touch his beard
Although he will find this weird
This went on for a while
I couldn't even crack a smile
My anxiety and shyness was taking over me burning my back or heaven save me
He's so gorgeous and his skin is brown like my favourite chocolate bar
Why didn't I say something and then he left I had questions, but so far...
Just me and the cat
Another Netflix and some popcorn possibly a little bit of something I shouldn't be tempted to enjoy
It was a Saturday night
I needed a movie with lots of action to take my mind off of him and the cat was hissing I kept shouting fight fight fight

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The twinflame eyelock