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Momentum iii

On the time scale of the Maker
Just the blinking of an eye
But on his latest Creation
Millennia had passed by.
The ko-ko-ko birds no longer
Did their burnished daily run
Circling the World under
The steady square Sun
For they, like the Tigrons, were
Now almost completely gone.
In the Maker's absence so many
Sorts of things had moved on.
The Adam and Eve descendants
Had long left their garden behind
With any recognisable trace of it
Almost impossible to find.
The destruction of the trees
Now almost  complete
Most of the areas of each stand
Covered with concrete
The light from the sun
Obscured on most days
By industrially produced
Acrid pollution's haze.
No white clouds delivering
The rain as pre arranged,
The once perfect climate
Almost completely changed.
A species set on destruction,
Another experiment gone wrong,
Too late now because the Maker
Had left it unchecked far too long.
Moved to Creation's outer limits,
Now left to either survive or fall,
Sadly the Maker decided to
Finally turn its back on it all.
Lessons had been learned
For that time if, and when,
New worlds would be created
And the experiment run again.

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