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Do you really want me

I miss seeing you lock into my eyes
Where I mourn, I yearn, perishing those moments until I realise
I see anxiety
Fear withering out within thee
Running for the emergency exit
The street was lit
Crusades of bright sunshine gold
My eyes water a hay-fever sea of doom only you I want to hold
Is this just a dream
The nights pass like a stream
I can't concentrate like a child with adhd
I cannot keep my butt at my seat or playing footsie with me
My nights are lonesome they feel cold and dreary
My beast oh so hairy
I just want to hold that angel face
Run my fingers through your beard and solace
I lie to say I never need love
I want my dove
My companion my best friend, but do you want me
Forever shall you hold my hand and forever we shall be
Or is this just another fantasy
You always race to my thoughts at 11:11 at 2:22 at 3:33

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Do you really want me