Is this a psychological fact

When I think of you
Are you thinking of me
Did you think first
Or was this me
Do we think in sync
Are we vibrating on the same frequency
In the same energy
Is this connection even real
You come into my dreams
We lock eyes, but its silent
You're an emperor, but you say words
Only I can feel like regret, remorse
Hurt and fear to open up about loving me because you felt it was forbidden
This keeps creeping up and you become more open to change
I miss you everytime I'm apart from you too
I wish we didn't have barriers in between us
I just want to love you as you and I both deserve
Only I felt I had to move myself in a direction that was more stable for me
If I can't have you
I don't think I can love anyone
Each time I try it doesn't get anywhere
What is this?
Do I wait is this a curse I need to break?
Is this obsession?
We locked eyes and nothing was said do I continue to find excuses
Or do I continue on the five on pentacle Street because I'm headed to number ten
I want it all or nothing at all
I'd rather it be with you, but I can't risk anymore on a fantasy

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Is this a psychological fact