Its okay to love at a distance

I pray for you but I'm scared that you were always gonna move on without me
It was always hard to let go but I had to focus on myself and my life
I can't forget how special you're because on a pedestal I placed you
That no matter where I travel to my heart is always with you somehow
I always feel connected to you
Yes I know you love me
How did you not know I loved you first
Its why I told you because I never wanted to lose you because I saw how special you was, but I don't know what barriers keep us apart
Is it our past heart breaks, our abandonment/rejection issues?
I figured out mine and now I feel your energy you're exhausted and fed up about something?
I wish I knew what I was doing wrong
I have loyalty and promises I cannot break, but when this period ends the cycle will be over in my life for good which means I will find another focus in my life and I thought of doing something people wouldn't expect, but you know when you spend your life giving and never receiving any love 💔
I just felt this dream is going to happen because I couldn't do it now because the guilt may hit me anytime
So I'm going to wait
My love for you grows stronger every second to every minute to every hour through to every single day and month and year and even in a century my soul will still yearn for you
It will mourn for you
I don't know why I feel the connection this strongly or why my heart feels so much pain and its not even my pain
Is this you?
Do you miss me ?
Are you feeling guilty because I'll forgive you?
Even if we never kissed or held hands i look into your eyes and I just know your soul and my soul fly together
Its okay that you want to meet other women its okay you think other women are intelligent and are beautiful and talented because the truth is they are all unique and special in their own way
I appreciate you and feel honoured we known each other in this lifetime
Did I teach you to love another soul in the right way
Because my love is unlike any other love its just different but like others not perfect
I love you too
Even at a distance I'd rather have this
Than never at all

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Its okay to love at a distance