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I suppose he had problems
I didn't spot or realise,
But the depth of his invective
Really caught me by surprise.
He was a reader of faces
Studying those on their own,
Sitting  in secluded places
Scanned them to the bone,
Found every weakness,
Signs of emotional  wear
Those  signs of distress,
They didn't know were there.

A master of manipulation
Influencer of the mind
Gaining their trust
Just by being kind.
But, that kindness was
A mask of deception
Disagreeing with him being
Seen as a sign of rejection.
And then abuse  would start
By Social Media on internet
Frequently accompanied by
Hints of a physical threat.

And his band of followers,
Those not yet suffered  attack,
Would all rally round and
Stand firmly at his back.
His reputation grew as one
Living in cloud cuckoo land
As more and more victims
Took a more resolute stand.
His reputation now being one
Who spewed verbal smear
Before his brain warmed up
And could get into gear.

A man of real talent and
One of charisma and charm
Seemingly geared up to inflict
Social disruption and self harm,
His many problems being
Of the delusional kind
For some reason lodged
Away  deep down in his mind.
A sad and lonely figure who
Thought himself always under attack
From those jealous rivals waiting
Just to stab him in the back.

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