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The Conservative and Unionist Party
United  by selfishness, avarice, greed,
I thought perhaps the Labour lot
Had members of a different breed.
It seems they're much of a muchness
As this party, once very broad church
Under its strange new management
Makes an ever more rightward lurch.
It seems they are intent on
Purging membership lists
Removing those perceived as
Lefties, commies, and socialists.

Once perceived as the Party of
The radical, progressive, brave
I bet its current constitution has
Keir Hardie spinning in his grave.
They bicker and fight and squabble
Seem to forget why they are there
So long as they draw their salaries
They just don't seem to really care
Political Social Progress once
A hard fought for path to glory
Now relegated to the wings as
It  becomes left of centre Tory.

Once more the mass of the country
Will have to adopt a better attitude
As they sing the National Anthem and
Accept their lot with proper gratitude.
From the highest high flyer
To those who labour on the plough
God Is back there in his heaven
Because Labour is all Tory now.
Wave your song sheets boys and girls,
Now and again get Brahms and Liszt,
In memory of what things used to be
As little britain gets ever more Fascist.

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