many sides to Rosey

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Anyone who says time heals all wound

Are either ignorant, inexperienced, or lying.

For three years had passed without you around

And I still feel as if I am dying.


Ever since my heart was torn into two,

Pulled out of my chest and discharged.

How life will be lived on from now on, I don’t know

For the hole in my heart has enlarged.


Without you, time still went by

Yet over me, you still have a very strong hold.

Without you, I want to die

For my heart has become cold.


Going through the motions,

Dragging myself through the daily grind of life

Either locked inside, or out of control, my emotions

Into my heart, they stab like a knife.


Day in and day out

Night in and night out

Week in and month out

Year in and year out


Until time turns into a hourglass

The sand running out fast

My emotions, fragile like glass

As I sit, all frozen and broken


Watching time and life go by,

As I walk along slowly and alone.

Wanting to bid good bye

For time isn’t helping like I’ve known.