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A Wild Ride

Driving around
In a seedy part of the city
Wanting and needing
To satisfy my cravings
A fix is what I desire for
As my eyes roam around
For a potential drug fiend
Shooting glances over my shoulder
For any sign of cops
My hands sweating on the steering wheel

A man wobbles around
Waving us down, motioning for us to come
Desperation filled my very soul
As I slowed down and stopped by him
"Rock?" he asked, "Rock?"
I shook my head no "Weed"
"No have weed," he stated
My heart sank to my stomach
Before I knew it, he called out to his woman
And they both hopped into my car

They motioned for me to take them
As they will take us to weed
Laughter bubbled up and died in my throat
When I realized how far I was going
By taking two complete strangers on a ride
With their eyes, all reddened and drugged
And the smell of alcohol filling my car
I drove on, following directions,
Stopping in the middle of a street
Whereas they took our money and left

We sat, like pathetic fools we were,
And waited for nearly an hour
Visions of being stoned danced in our head
Yet our stomach fluttered anxiously
For these strangers to reappear
Sunset gave away light to darkness
As the moon shone brighter and brighter
Our hopes faded away and away
For we knew our. money we will never see again
Especially our chance of beigng stoned were taken away

An ugly and dark rage came over me
And we finally spotted them lingering around
I angrily contfonted them up close and personally
Their drugged eyes were glazed over
From the drinks they probably enjoyed with our money
They nervously avoided my every move
With a disgusted groan, I turned away
And back to my car, spinning dirt with my tires
As we sped away, from this heavily drugged scene,
Taking with us a memory of this wild ride

@ Rosey 5/21/2000