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Beneath His wings

a song i sing

In the morning when i wake

A praise tune i make


When the birds join the song

it's when i know i belong


Do you see in my tune

following Jesus is all i want to do


Beneath His beautiful wings

i know He makes lovely everything


All day and night long 

I think of Jesus my song


As the cattle tell of the coming storm

And Job could not wait for the morn

I wait for Jesus to tell me His ways

In His word that forever stays


And always i give to Him

my soul and everything! 

i asked Jesus why my dog paces and hides before and during a storm
and this is the scripture He gave me

His thunderings speak awesomely concerning Him
The cattle are told of the coming storm Job 36-33

Also Job a man of  God was having night  terrors and could not wait for the morning (Book of Job)






By Michelle Lee Carter

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