A Saturday morning open poem (For all my friends)

Hey my friends! Yes!
It is a new day full of light…!!!
Sunshine golden bright, is all the way past horizons sight.
Blue skies far and near
Front, side, centre, and rear.
A gentle breeze blowing fair, combs the fields and hills full flair
All leave their lair to bask in the fresh air blowing through their hair.
Thank God before eleven for this marvelous Caribbean haven.

Hey my friends! Yes!
Feeling your talents blossom?
Then, from passions bloom, give a line or two.
It does not matter who !!
You could start a line about bric brac.
Rhyme it with tick tack.
This amped example an ample sample.
On this bright Saturday morning, with misting post noon rain a dawning.
We will run for shelter under the nearest awning.

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