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By Lessons Learned

In my army days I served with U.S. Troops in Germany.  I have nothing but respect for them, and the American people.  Sadly I think their politicians let them down badly.
I am sad for them and their losses.  Respect.

Did you learn nothing from Vietnam
The many lives that campaign cost?
All the courage and bravery shown
And yet you badly lost.
They're  back from the mountains
Causing alarm and shock
Waving their flags and
Turning back the clock.

You came to our country
Unwanted and uninvited
Maybe welcomed though
By those more farsighted.
You gave us some hope,
Though never ever peace
As from the dread burka
You brought us some release.

For twenty years we hoped
Goodbye to the Taliban
Then things changed and
We're  back where we began.
You brought us hope but
Seemingly you really didn't care
Plunging the land back into
Unhappiness and despair.

You are the school yard bully
Quick to throw your weight about
When things don't go as planned
Just as quick to pack and walk out.
You pretend you are acting
In democracy's name.
But your actions in Afghanistan are
More  cause for sorrow and shame.

They will almost always defeat
A nation such as yours:
Heaven knows why you fought
But they fought for a cause.
You have left chaos and mayhem
Everywhere you chose to roam
Can't you just pull up the drawbridge
And quietly stay at home.

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