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architect of the soul

if you believe what is said
four arms
four legs
and a head
with two faces
split into separate beings
searching endlessly for each other

the first soul comes
when you need them the most
when you are ready to learn
when you are ready to grow
a platonic soul
who will make you feel loved
take care of you
protect you
you’ll never have to let them go
and although you may grow apart
you’ll always feel the most at home
pick right up
where you left off
the first friend you make in life
always there for you
(no matter what)
and so begins a deep understanding

if you believe what is said
the red string of fate
tied around an ankle
stretched or tangled
but never broken
two people connected
destined to meet each other

the second soul comes
and they’re so full of passion
the most intense relationship
you can ever imagine
a romantic soul
a physical attraction
how wonderful love is
how exciting love is
you’ll never want to let them go
and although they may leave you
try to forgive them though
this soul will teach you how to love
how breathtaking love can truly be
this is often how it goes
you feel these things shamelessly
(but experiences like these can also bring pain)
and so begins a deep appreciation

if you believe what is said
what was written in scriptures
a lifetime ago
a lifelong connection
40 days before man is born
a voice from heaven
declares two people are meant for each other

the last soul comes
when you expect them the least
and you’ll truly know
that this is the last
a forever soul
you’ll feel in the ache of your heart
this soul won’t hurt you
won’t doubt that they want to be with you
they’ll never let you go
and although you’ll argue
you’ll always know
you’ll never have to change yourself
because they inspire you to be better
and you’ll want to be with them every day
for they are your best friend
(as well as your partner)
and nothing else…
will ever matter

© August 2021

©2000 - 2021, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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