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Written by Stella.C.Mitchell
23rd August 2021


Did you know - my friends 
We are fearfully and wonderfully
Made by God - when He knit us together
In the depths of the womb ? - as each 
Atom and cell came together - in an
Explosion of joy - from the heart
Of our dear Father's 
Mind ?

And - there is nowhere we
Can go from His presence - nor
Place to hide - or run far away - where
He cannot know our exact location - in time
Or in space - where He is not with us - 
Each moment - in the darkness of
Night - or the light of 
The day .

O how can our small minds
Ever Fathom - such thoughts of
This Glorious Creator - and King ? - who
Knows all the plans He has for each one of us 
In the future - and all we've come through - 
And - have ever said - been 
Or done . 

Such thoughts are beyond our
Comprehension - that our God should 
Keep us in mind - at all times - and who longs 
For us - to be part of His Glorious Kingdom
Of love - joy and peace - when we 
Leave this old world far
Behind .

But - firstly we must ask God to
Search us - and see - if all is well - in
Our soul and our heart - so that all the wrongs
That shouldn't be there - can be cleansed
And forgiven - before we can finally
Depart .

Then - we will have full assurance
That our loving Creator will welcome us into 
His  Glorious  Home - and  our sins will be forgotten
Forever - in God's Sea of forgetfullness - where
He has placed - ' No Fishing Allowed ' -
On His own - blood printed 
Sign .

Now I pray - it is as easy to believe
That - this is the Truth - just as He knows 
Each star by its name - and has numbered each hair
On our head - so - we can trust His faithful hand
On our future - and know - that with God 
In control - there is nothing we need
Run from - or 
Dread . 


This poem is loosely based on Psalm 139..

May I suggest you read it and meditate on
it .. and  then  see  just  how much our God  
knows all about us .. and yet .. He truly loves
each one of us deeply ..

I pray that whoever reads this will know just
how fearfully and wonderfully made you are 
and how precious you are to our Heavenly 
Father ..

God bless you all .


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