Tattoos in Mayberry

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Everyone I know smokes a little hooch.
Ride lightening at the county fair.
Sucks down a cold brew.
Everybody wants 
the white ones
they're real trouble
and they want them on the double, 
They want  the Pink ones and in robin's egg blue
Everyone I know can really take off the gloves
Everyone I know is on the look out for someone truer to love .
Some folks seem to get along for a while just fine
with  caffeine, cigarettes,
 bottles of wine.
Whatever we need to get through
Whether blasting off our rockets
or we take another route. 
Must you be riding so high ny dear
at one side of the engineer while 
playin so fast and so loose.
playin'; too fast and loose
Why I smoke my hooch..
So, I can relax in the caboose.
Crack your next one open on me
Do what you do. 
snort your stuff  sniff your glue.
do whatever you're destined to do.
You know better what's best 
especially for you at the beginning,
middle and the end of you. 
If you want to know why
everyone I know
smokes a little grass
shoots up a little juice
Snorts their stuff 
or sniffs their glue.
Stop repeating all the sad, stories
in wallpaper  blue
You want to know why 
everyone I know gets high.
to unconcious?
i see your collection of million dollar toys.
Gleaming in colors of a harem a rainbow of splash.
And then I leave your terrarium
I've tried to sleep on your floor.
So far, you have wakened me 
now, more to closing.
I don't know why but as proof I;m a man, I must outlast you
But, why can't we one time make it real
why can't we close the deal.
I'll try the fit, you try the feel.
why can't we one time 
get real and make the scene.
We'll make a scene.
a spectacle. Oh, it could be fun,
why not play along.
It's just a decent looking position to take
until the next act in your family show..
until I can see everyone
bummin' smokes and drinkin' and smokin and shootin together
I'll just hang back and watch the freak show go by,
with the teacher's pet..

Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing rights reserved by this author.

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