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The Tories have been in power
For ten years and more
Unrelenting years of austerity
And outright class war.
In France they would have rioted
Arranged mass rallies and meets
Made their feeling known by
Protesting  on the streets.

It's not like that in Little Britain.
We do things the dignified way
We protest on Social Media
Every single minute of the day
I bet it shocks the politicos
If they can be bothered to look
The mass criticism they are getting
Every day there on Facebook.

So we show them our contempt
And they'd better take note
If they don't buck their ideas up
Many of us won't bother to vote.
Just leave us our footie,
Mobiles and beer
Parade the Queen now and then
So we can wave and cheer.

We're not like this silly Continentals.
We don't like to show a fuss.
We are the modern day Britain's
And the fire's bred out of us.
We'll sing Rule Britannia
Home of the brave and free
Live on past memories of
The way things used to be.

Because deep down inside
We really don't that much mind
In truth we admire it when
Our rulers rob us blind.
You can keep your socialism
With the old equality story
You know just where you stand
When you're governed by a Tory.

Let the Continentals chunter
Pursue their own deviant track
We are proud isolationist Britain
And we've got our country back.
It maybe the armpit of Yurrup
With strained Supermarket shelves
But we're the people of Proud Britain
And we've done it all  ourselves.

Rule Britannia, once upon a time
We used to rule the waves
Now we're more than happy to be
Downtrodden wage slaves.
Every year at the Proms
We'll sing of Hope and Glory
But You know just where you are
Under the boot off the Tory.


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