Philadelphia Zombie

The city of brotherly love and racial diversity known for cheese steaks, homocides and drug Zombies

They live in Philadelphia the birth place of ameriKKKa, a fact that no one will deny

Zombie bitches and dogs living on pigsty streets in Fish-Town and I tell you no lie

You can hear them bark, argue, cuss and holler as they exist in swallor like urban hogs

Suburban Castoffs...

Casted off like critters, becoming human litter on the sidewalks of Kinsington Ave

Some once had plenty but now their pockets are empty. They ain't got nothing but a monkey on their back

Addiction seems to be the latest white middle class suburban affliction. Zombies, living while dead, crack and meth heads

Zombies nod, dip, freeze and sway but somehow against the laws of gravity... up they manage to stay

AmeriKKKa in all of it's so-called greatness is still a sad, sad story. A grand experiment. Really?

It has surely slipped from it's former star spangled glory and the fine job done by Betsey Ross in Philly

Indeed a hellified sight for a tourist to see, a white flat behind female Zombie standing up taking a pee

While rich white politians are on vacation living it up on the beach in Waikiki

They never cared about the plight of addicts when it was relegated to the Barrios and Hoods

Now that their dope fiend children are causing their lives to become chaotic they are thinking maybe they should

Abu Lateef Babatunde

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Philadelphia Zombie