Out Laws in Philly

Petty criminals with microscopic minds on the loose

Perpetrators of murder... a capital crime worthy of the noose

Murders a plenty, solutions... políticians can't come up with any

It's sho-nuff a pity that ain't no love shown in Billy Penn's favorite city,

And oh by the way can you believe an Outlaw Is Philadelphia's Chief of Police

Mourning mothers filled with grief seeking a resolution

Mindless Mayor Kinny hasn't come up with any viable solution

Citizens in fear and rage are collectively wrapped up in helpless feelings

Mindless Mayor Kinny says he's spending sleepless nights

In his comfy air conditioned room in bed looking up at the ceiling

Across this nation homocide continues to rise

The poor killing the poor an ever sickening situation

Reminiscent of the days on the plantation

And the puppet Masters still do none of the bleeding

Habib Abu Lateef

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Out Laws in Philly