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my tears are falling
calling me
through the sounds of rain
broken heart aching
winching from all the pain
echoing inside etched ears_

"sound the alarm sweet soul"

tattered dreams fell and crashed
upon the shining dash
stunned dazed
pondering the meaning of it all
written on the wreath
worn upon my head

"sound the alarm sweet soul"

I am standing
"Standing" merely because I can
holding faith in my hand barely
because I am
no one else can endure
none other than
an unwilling sacrificial lamb

drinking back the sweat of fright and fear
work of my goals
and struggles all these years
up in smoke in one stroke
smiling face show not the burden I bear
among the many out-of-touch
and unaware

picking glass from my hair
scratches mark my neck
the love of my life’s left dying
a heap a total wreck
passing cars wheezing by
take no means to care
darken eyes covered shields
bland blinding stare
raise up this mortal coil
cast light to my silhouette

Copyright © Niyna DeSangre



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