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Swan Songs

Lyrics, mournfully written by birds burdened with sorrow
wailing mothers of newly born hatchlings lost at birth

lamentations to roam the moors moonlight
traveling far away beyond the edge of the earth
to galaxies far off yet still within clear sight

Why did you leave them unattended
and of defense, by no means intended
surely the challenge thee so dared
posed acceptance of one prepared

as owls and ravens who stalk the shades and shadows
constant in-flight o'er haunted hills and gory gallows

Oh worry! be not yours my wroth and wearied friend
now a companion of thee_ forever to be condemned
shamed and scorned in full life against thy plans
suffering deeds, done in folly by your own hands

faith by wisdom is not the cause, I assure you this
only foolish ignorance foils truth, peace, and bliss

Even-so, thou hast mine sincere saving grace
for in thy mirror, a shrouded shaded face

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Swan Songs