Beyond Terra

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slithering thoughts sloths with the speed of extra thick
molasses flowing over a stack of cold waffles
forming a single solitary letter at a time enervates thinking
so-much-so, sluggish ideas slips-a-doodle into the inert minds'
idle murky overcrowded ground

times passes extensively by delayed melodramatic actions
and reactions then suddenly thought passively pivots before
halting to a stagnant stop _ gradually the mind grips a gander
of a group of quick beeps and blurred blurbs to note tones,
rhythms and measured meters of the common verbal sounds

double pausing for assiduity for the span of about an hour
before coming to the conclusion that for the mind to gather strength
for this undertaking, it will need a second maybe another minute
or a measly moment for a little while longer before its too late
as the willpower to deliberate begins to shrink and cower

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