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Happily Ever After Never...

Our love was a fairy tale, being told before our eyes,
a love so bright and hot, no one who knew us could ever deny.
My love for you was immeasurable, overflowing from my cup,
unconditionally I loved you, a feeling of which I could never get enough.
I thought I was your knight, and you were my princess,
until everything changed, and now there is no more 'us'.
I wanted to be your story, but instead I am only a chapter,
sadly, I will never know the feeling of living happily ever after.
Regrettably, it fell apart under the disguise of love,
unaware of the changes you were already thinking of...
I told you I loved you and I would always be by your side,
you told me that you loved me too, and you had no intention to divide.
I would have stood beside you through anything you encountered,
my love and support for you are two things that would never have faltered.
Then one day, you decided to turn the page,
the final words of our story, written in an tragically unexpected way.
A day that will forever remain in my mind,
it has so far, been the worst day of my life.
And now that our story has come to an end,
I wonder if I will ever be happy again.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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Happily Ever After Never...