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October 5th

Today has twice now been my most favorite of days,
October the fifth, selected in two different ways.
The first was by chance, a distant fourteen years ago,
I asked you on our first date, we had dinner at Abuelo's.
It was the start of something exquisite, the best I've ever known,
I never could have imagined how much my love was going to grow.
Day after day, leading quickly to month after month,
never before had I ever experienced this type of love.
Eventually those loving months grew into amazing years,
ten of them went by, completely erasing my fears.
If we could make it ten, with no problems or issues,
I knew we could make it a lifetime, and I couldn't wait to spend it with you.
So after careful planning, with some ups and some downs,
everything aligned and we were Hawaii bound.
Secretive planning, I'm no double o seven...
but the location was perfect, a tropical heaven.
Beautiful sparkling rocks in my pocket, she had no idea,
it was October the fifth, and we were headed to Mauna Kea.
An amazing location, the tallest mountain on earth,
standing above the clouds, and holding you close.
That was the moment that this day again became the best,
because I asked her to marry me, and she almost forgot to say yes.
On top of the world, with the girl of my dreams,
I have never been happier, which you can clearly see.
The picture on my poetry homepage is just after we got engaged,
it's the happiest I've ever been and I hope you will remember me this way.

Original Work by: Shawn A.

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October 5th