Do Life Right

Do life right the first time. Avoid getting side tracked

Listening to some wack barely entertaining make believe gangsta

Lyrical pranksta strung out on fentanyl and crack ... weaving tales of

Ghetto clowns down on their knees or taking it in the back

Sinister, cartoonish characters headed for prisons futuristic,

Hope for any resemblance of a positive future pessimistic

Misguided life trajectory propelled by poverty, greed, drug money and ballistics

Although this world is a prison for a believer don't become beguiled by the arch deceiver be realistic

There is always someplace better to be than in the cemetery or penitentiary

To be specific the penitentiary is no place to finally decide to get a G.E.D., study law or get a degree.

Stay away from those that major in the petty, petty life or petty crime. Do life right the first time. L

Habib Abu Lateef

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Do Life Right