Battle Resolve at dawn

(An early workday morning poem in the afternoon with battle resolve)

Early this morning as sleep was dawning,
a touch of rain as light as a grain,
brushing the wind, it rained.
Then a drum roll hammered,
heralded by a thousand-volt drummer.
It beat the ear and stifled waking yawns,
weakening wakes wish and encouraging sleep to dish.
Obligation walls loom tall and, resolve plunders us all.
We rise to dutyís call.

Banished be rebel sleep
far and deep to weep.
We step out in time to keep,
the bills and wills from mission creep.

We morning rush to beat the commuterís dash.
As, towers the looming engineered crash,
desiring to reset us in graphene mash,
to nothing more than a tagged hush.
However, we will mash them to mush,
deleting their evil global hash.
Eliminating them and their spiritual rash.
Humanity will heal the gash and subject them to justiceís lash.

CI-324241737 Knight Truelove Poems