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Storm clouds slide across the sky,
As light and hope both shrivel and die.
Darkness shrouds the land below,
Sinking deep in souls to dim their glow.

Thunder rumbles both long and deep,
Causing limbs to tremble and hearts to leap.
Lightning flashes, lending its ghostly light
To cowering creatures on this haunted night.

Hear the frantic beating of unseen wings;
The hovering presence of long dead things.
Sense the hoary age that lingers near;
Chilling blood with nameless fear.

Encroaching evil causes breath to catch;
Sweet stench of decay nearly makes you retch.
The dead are restless on this darkling night;
No need to fear sun's burning light.

Creak of floorboards on porch outside;
Doorknob rattles, hear the scrape of scaly hide.
Best not see what in darkness does lurk;
Bless the shadows and gloaming murk.

Portals to the Netherworld gape drunkenly wide,
As 'cross twilight skies storm clouds slide.
Creatures long banished from mortal realm
Gibber and moan, your senses o'erwhelm.

Woe to those caught without shelter this night,
When dead things walk, eager to rend and bite.

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